Battenberg's Martial Arts & Fitness: We Train Champions...In All Areas of Life.

Now located in "The Zone" on Mills Branch

Established in Kingwood in 1987, we celebrated 30 years of service in 2017! We have provided a positive, family-friendly environment for martial artists in Kingwood, and surrounding areas. It has been our privilege to help over 400 students attain the rank of Black Belt. We are proud of all of our students, and their accomplishments.


Classes for All Ages

Our youngest martial artists begin training at age 4. We continue to train all ages, up to age 88 years young! We have programs that fit everyone!



EVERYTHING is included in our prices. When you shop around (and we encourage you shop around), you will find that we do not "penny pinch". Testings are INCLUDED in your monthly dues - - we do NOT charge additional test fees for our Taekwondo program!


Ongoing Education

We offer ongoing education for students, and non-students as well. We hold monthly ladies self-defense clinics, private executive self-defense training, as well as private lessons. We will prepare you for whatever your goals might be!


Continuing Education

For our students, we have Leadership Training classes as well as Competition Team Training to get you ready for whatever your next major goal is.



Pre-Karate Kubs

For ages 4 - 6, we have an outstanding program called "Pre-Karate Kubs." Here, your child will learn how to: 1) Listen, and follow direction, 2) Show respect for elders, and courtesy for others, and 3) learn Taekwondo movements that will increase their confidence!


Taekwondo for Kids/Teens/Adults

We have an excellent Taekwondo program for kids, teens and adults. You will be able to defend yourself very quickly with our methods of teaching. There are classes for all ages.


Tai Chi

Give yourself some well deserved "me-time". Our Tai Chi program is a way for you to combat the stresses of todays environment through calming, smooth motions. Increase your balance and fluidity while learning an ancient form of self-defense.


Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing is high energy, explosive, exciting and motivating; it's the non-contact kickboxing workout with the kicks of Taekwondo and the punches from boxing.


Ladies Self Defense Workshops

2-Hour workshops that can literally save your life! You will learn how to defend yourself properly against 5 of the most common attacks.


Rock Steady Boxing

Fighting Back against Parkinson's Disease through with a boxing workout! You don't get to box each other, but you will get incredible results through this program. This is the same Rock Steady method as seen on 60 minutes!

Here's a glimpse into what we do

Photos can't give you the full picture. However, you can get an idea of what we are about through some pictures. Give us a call to take your next step.

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Our Instructors


Masters Jeff & Reneé Battenberg

6th & 7th Degree Black Belts

Training Champions in all areas of life, the Battenberg's celebrated 30 years of teaching in Kingwood in 2017. They are committed to improving lives in as many ways as possible.




Our leadership team is an integral part of our martial family. These are martial artists that want to give back to others!

We have leadership teams for juniors and adults!


Rock Steady Boxing


Our Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s Coaches staff provide encouragement through a “tough love” approach while focusing on reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with a non-contact boxing exercise program. Fighting Parkinson’s while caring for each other is what brings us all together each week.

The Battenberg's get 5-Star Reviews!

We know you have many choices for training in the martial arts in Kingwood, and surrounding areas. We are glad that you are taking the time to look around. Here are a couple testimonies from our families. We would love for you to come by and visit with us.

Local Black Belts help Fight Back Against Parkinson's Disease!

The Battenberg's have a personal mission when it comes to fighting back against Parkinson's Disease. Reneé's mom has P.D.- and now, there is a place to go. Not only do the Battenberg's change lives through martial arts, they also are giving hope to the city of Houston by being the first affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing in Texas.